Russell Chatham Jr

Delve into the Captivating World of

“Between the Pipes: A Goalies Triumph Over ADHD and Anxiety”

Join Jake on an inspiring journey as he conquers obstacles both on and off the ice.


Experience the rollercoaster of emotions and uplift your spirit.
The cover of the book Between the Pipes A Goalies Triumph over ADHD and Anxiety featuring a Goalie in front on the net.

Emotional Journey

Go through the highs and lows with Jake, feeling every triumph and setback.

Touching Storyline

Be touched by the heartfelt storyline that explores the power of determination.

Inspiring Protagonist

Get inspired by Jake, a young goalie who overcomes ADHD and anxiety.

Realistic Challenges

Witness the realistic challenges faced by Jake on the ice and in his personal life.

Why Choose

“Between the Pipes A Goalies Triumph over ADHD and Anxiety”

Authentic Storytelling

Experience a genuine and relatable narrative that resonates with readers.

Unique Perspective

Explore the inner world of a goalie battling ADHD and anxiety, uncovering insights into mental health.

Inspiring Story

Find inspiration and motivation through Jake’s triumphs

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